14 Non-Verbal Ways They Show You They Love You

As many of you know, I live with my boyfriend, Ethan. We’ve been living in our cute little apartment together in Eastern Michigan for about 6 months now and wowza has it been a wild ride.


In so many ways, he is the perfect roommate. He’s tidy, he’s quiet, and I adore him, so cuddling and watching TV on the couch on weeknights is the best thing ever.

But living with a boyfriend is, of course, a culture shock of sorts.

But this isn’t my first rodeo. And I can firmly say that living with your significant other, while challenging, is very rewarding, too. You really get to know each other when you share space. They annoy you on a whole new level, but they also show you they care for you on a whole new level, too.

One thing I’ve learned while sharing living space with Ethan in particular is that couples can show respect and appreciation for one another without ever having to say a word. When you live with someone, you can really show them how much you care about them, with only your actions. And that’s a kind of love language that you won’t get to experience first-hand until you live under the same roof.

For those that have never lived with a significant other, or at the very least spent large amounts of time in the same home, I thought I could give you a little preview of what you’re in for. Because living with someone you care about really is something to get excited about.

So, here is a list of 14 ways that couples can say that they love one another, without ever saying a word.

You definitely know they love you, when…

Coffee Love
  1. When they make your coffee in the morning, and do it the right way.

Toilet Seat

2. When he puts the seat down after he uses the bathroom.


3. When she gets all her hair out of the drain after she takes a shower.

Sleep in

4. When they get ready first in the morning and let you have a longer lie.

Breakfast In Bed

5. when they bring you a snack, a water, (or in my case a hot water bottle) in bed without being asked.

Watching TV

6. when they suggest to watch your tv show instead of theirs.

Good Morning

7. when they greet you with a cuddle or a kiss first thing when you wake up in the morning.

Folding Underwear

8. when they fold your delicates.


9. when they clean up your messes and don’t make you feel bad about making them in the first place.

Human Pillow

10. When they let you use them as a human pillow.


11. When they bake you your favorite treats on a whim.


12. When they scratch itches you can’t reach.


13. When they make sure the medicine cabinet is always fully stocked with things you need.

Enjoying Each Other's Company

14. When they just simply enjoy your company.


Because, it’s the little things, right?

If you’re living with someone you care about, how do they show you they love you, too?