the girl behind the macbook pro and the creator of espresso myself.

Nice to meet you, I'm Jami.

MSc. Digital Manager. Michigander. Donut Enthusiast. Wandering Shutterbug. Starbucks Gold Member. Extraordinary Miniac.

Michigan. New England. Scotland.

I'm a writer, award show junkie, wanna-be Scot, and infamously picky eater who belongs in Ravenclaw House, listens to alternative music, waits all year for Halloween, and who openly and comically sees the glass half-empty.

I'm just another Millennial taking on life one cup of coffee at a time. My blog Espresso Myself is a place for me to be me, for myself, and for everyone else. Write on!

She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten.
— Unknown



When did you start writing?

I published my first blog post in 2014, which was crazy long ago, but it can be read here, if you’re interested. I first began writing way back in my emo middle school days, though.

What are you favorite places you’ve visited?

Scotland will always top my list - it’s my favorite place in the world, corner to corner. After that in no particular order it’s Stockholm, Monaco, Seville, Zurich, Toronto, and London internationally and Los Angeles, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Rhode Island, Chicago, and Jacksonville in the U.S. You can read all about many of my adventures here.


A Nikon D3300 with a 18-55mm lens, or my iPhone 8 or iPad Pro.

Who designed your blog?

I built it from the ground up - all three times. 😂

do you take all of your own pictures?

Yes! Unless they’re OF me. Then, chances are Ethan took them. ♥️

How do you edit your photos?

All of the featured photos are edited with either the VSCO C1 or HB1 filter. The rest might be edited with a wide variety of VSCO or Instagram filters, but no other editing has been done to any of them.

What website provider do you use?

Espresso Myself is proudly powered by Squarespace.

do you work with brands?

Yes! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Amazon, Arvo, and Maple Holistics and I’m always looking for more amazing brands to partner with in the future. Interested? Contact me here.