Current Obsessions Of Summer 2019

Current Favs
  1. Currently Listening To On Audible

    These audiobooks got me through some of the most boring moments of my summer. A friend at work turned me on to Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine and what a fascinating emotional rollercoaster it was to listen to. I don’t care who you are, you’ll find something to love about this book and hearing it read by Cathleen McCarron makes it that much more captivating. I couldn’t recommend it more. For my second choice, I went with an obvious favorite. Queer Eye: Love Yourself. Love Your Life. is perfect for everyone and anyone wanting some life advice, or who can’t get enough of the Fab Five - which is just about everyone. It’s funny, informative, and read by the Fab Five. Need I say more?

  2. HelloFresh Meal Delivery

    I’ve already written an in-depth post about my love for HelloFresh meal delivery. You can read it here. But just in case you need a reminder, they are deliciously changing mine and Ethan’s lives. If you’re like us and hate grocery shopping and not the most keen in the kitchen, get yourself a subscription, trust me.

  3. Burt’s Bees Goodness Glows Foundation

    As I’ve said before, I’m hella picky about my skincare and this foundation has truly blown me away. It’s, by far, the best drugstore brand I’ve used here in the U.S. (the U.K. has better makeup all around, but don’t get me started). It looks so incredibly natural and doesn’t make my skin unhappy and riddled with breakouts and dryness. Thanks, Burt, I owe you one.

  4. Currently Watching On YouTube

    Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star give me life. Separately and together, I can’t get enough of their videos. I could watch them both on repeat all day. Give their channels a view, if you’re one of the ten people on earth who haven’t already.

  5. Papermate Inkjoy Pens

    I know I’m not the only person who digs good stationery. I’ve been using these pens pretty religiously for a couple of years now and OMG are they amazing. So amazing that I got a set for my BFF for her birthday to share the joy. 😉 Don’t believe me that a good set of fine-tipped colored pens can bring you joy? Let these pens prove you wrong.

  6. Currently Jamming To On Spotify

    Ok, I admit it, I’m a HUUUUGE Post Malone fangirl. I just can’t get enough of him this summer. Every one of his singles and albums are absolute tunes. Oh, and that new Taylor song is pretty groovy too.

  7. Starbucks Tumbler

    Basic AF, but the best 20 bucks I’ve ever spent. I know that I’m getting ten times more water every day because of the nice straws that keep the cold water from hurting my teeth (first world problem, I know). But seriously, these things are portable and keep your drinks cool for ages. To all my basic friends out there - invest!

  8. Currently Binging On Netflix

    This needs no explanation, really. If you haven’t seen Queer Eye by now, you’re seriously missing out. Seriously. One episode is all it takes to get exactly why this show is all anyone can talk about, even 4 seasons in.

  9. Lush Sleepy Lotion

    I can’t sleep. Like. Ever. But this stuff helps put my worries to bed, so I can go there, too. I wrote about my struggles and other things that help me here. But I know there is a reason that this stuff is so popular and that reason is that it works like a dream - pun intended.

  10. Clinique ID Skincare

    I caved. I saw one too many of those catchy ads and I bought some of this stuff when it went on sale at Macy’s. I just had to see if it was worth the hype and it was so aesthetically appealing, I just couldn’t help myself. And actually, if I’m honest, my skin likes it, a lot! I use the blue with the jelly and the orange with the gel, trading off between the two, before bed every night and I’ve seen a difference, for sure. Plus, it feels good knowing I’m doing something good for my skin since I spent so many of my young years treating it like scum. I wish I could go back and tell young me to take my makeup off before bed and wear more sunscreen because now my pores and fine lines are constant reminders that a little splurge on some Clinique is the least I can do.

  11. Gillette ProGlide Razor

    Ummmmm where has this thing been all my life? I remember a friend in high school telling me that she used a men’s razor and I was so put off by that idea. I couldn’t imagine it being any nicer than the ones I’ve used my whole life. Plus, they scare me a little. Fast forward to a few weeks ago - I was out of new blades and asked Ethan if I could borrow his razor since he’s more of a clippers man. He obliged and now I’m in love! I have never gotten such a close and smooth shave in my life. Girls, throw your pathetic pink razors away and get yourself one of these. You and your significant others will be glad you did.

Now you’ve heard my favs, I’d love to hear yours! What are you really feeling this summer?