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"Cincinnati is a Beautiful City; Cheerful, Thriving, and Animated."

One of mine and Ethan’s favorite things in this world to do is to travel to exciting and beautiful places near and far. We have made it our unofficial mission to cross as many places off of our to-visit lists as possible before our time ends - one of the many reasons we are such a great match.

We have visited nearly every major (and minor) city in our surrounding states, but one place I’d never been that I was just itching to see was Cincinnati, Ohio. My mom’s originally from Southern Ohio and she’s always raved about her time living in and around CinCin, so I just knew I had to see it for myself. Of course, Ethan obliged.

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Postcards From Jacksonville

*Sigh* I owe you lovely readers an apology for being MIA for so long. It’s been a combination of many things - primarily a lack of time, motivation, and creative energy. But, with that said, I’m carving out more time in my schedule now to sit down and write for me, and for you, too! So, here’s to new beginnings and starting fresh! Thanks for your support and patience - hopefully this will be the last apology I make for a while. If I have it my way, I’m back for good, and I usually get my way. 😉

Let’s throw it back to a few weeks ago and catch up on some of the things you’ve missed, shall we?

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We're Plant Parents! ☘️🌿🍃🎍🌵🌳🌱

Ethan and I are both the all-or-nothing type. So, just over a week ago when I said that I thought our living space could use a plant or two, we both took that as an excuse to start a full-on garden. No, seriously. 🙃 We are now the proud Plant Parents to 15 new plant friends. I love each and every one of them for their beauty, and the clean air and peace that they bring to our space. Plus, now I feel very needed. Owning plants is a very fun and rewarding hobby and community that I’m so glad to now be apart of.

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Postcards From Glasgow

Do you ever just feel nostalgic for places you’ve been?

Lately I’ve been feeling a little homesick for Scotland - particularly Glasgow, Scotland. I lived there for a year when I was getting my Master’s degree from Strathclyde Uni. Glasgow is such a unique city. In my opinion, about as authentic Scottish as you can get. While I’ll always have a special place in my heart from Edinburgh, the rough and realness of Glasgow will forever be a third home to me. I have so many fond memories of Glasgow and it was amazing to relive so many of them in preparing this post for you now.

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Boyfriend Picks My Outfits For a Week - Part 2

Wow! The responses I’ve been getting over Part 1 of this series have been overwhelmingly positive, which is so great for me because I love entertaining y’all with my writing and it’s been so fun during the process!

As I mentioned before, this was a request from a reader, which makes it all the better. If you ever have a creative idea of something you’d love to see me write about - please leave it in the comments on any post, or send me a note here.

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Boyfriend Picks My Outfits For a Week - Part 1

I’m so excited for this week’s post series because it’s my first request! Someone I work with had the brilliant idea of having Ethan, my sweet boyfriend, choose my outfits every day for a week. Knowing Ethan’s creative nature and do-anything attitude, I knew this was an amazing idea from the get-go.

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Top 10 Travel Bucket List

I’ve been very fortunate over the last three years. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a dozen new countries and dozens of new cities since my Junior year at Uni. Some thanks to school and many just for fun. I truly live to travel. As soon as I caught the travel bug back in 2015 with my first abroad trip to Scotland, I was absolutely hooked and I haven’t stopped since.

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Postcards From Italy Part 3 - Florence

My final stop on my photographic recount of my adventures in Italy brings me to first and last place I set foot while I was there. It might surprise many of you to know that I didn’t - as often done - save my favorite for last. The city of Florence was a total surprise to me in so many ways. I loved the sights and spending time with my BFF in the city she’d lived in for months by this time, but I can’t say that I completely fell in love with it. Ask me about my trip to Florence sometime and I’ll be happy to share my very candid opinions of it from top to bottom.

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Postcards From Italy Part 2 - Cinque Terre

You’ve probably seen images of Cinque Terre before. The villages in the Italian hills with all the colorful buildings ring a bell?

In the middle of my trip to Italy, Nicole and I were craving some warm sun and ocean air, so we hopped a train to the stunning and famous Italian Riviera.

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Postcards From Italy Part 1 - Pisa

I am so lucky to say I’ve gotten to set foot in all the wonderful places that I have. One gorgeous location that I am always truly humbled to remember that I ventured to is the historic and beautiful country of Italy. So many people dream of visiting Italy and I have to pinch myself sometimes when I think about the fact that I got the pleasure of spending over a week there two years ago.

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Fun and Food in Frankenmuth

It took me 24 years of my life to go to Frankenmuth, Michigan.

No, that wasn’t a typo. For those who have never heard of it, Frankenmuth - pronounced exactly how it’s spelled - is a small Germanic village in the middle of Eastern Michigan.

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Postcards From Malaga and Granada

A few years back, I was living, working, and studying abroad. I was getting my Master’s degree in Tourism Marketing a The University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. During my program, I had the distinct pleasure of being of studying abroad - during my study abroad - in Spain for a short time.

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