Boyfriend Picks My Outfits For a Week - Part 1

I’m so excited for this week’s post series because it’s my first request! Someone I work with had the brilliant idea of having Ethan, my sweet boyfriend, choose my outfits every day for a week. Knowing Ethan’s creative nature and do-anything attitude, I knew this was an amazing idea from the get-go.

Rules: Ethan can choose anything in my wardrobe, but he must choose a complete outfit - right down to the socks and shoes. I am not allowed to say no, no matter what. I have to wear the outfit all day and be photographed in it for proof. 🙃

Honestly, I wasn’t ever worried - he has great taste, but here’s how the first two days went. You can decide if he is off to a good start.


Sunday, Ethan chose a simple outfit for me, as we were headed up north to visit some small coastal towns and get dinner.

He chose my absolute favorite sweater, which I picked up on my travels through Sweden. It’s a traditional sweater made in Scandinavia and it’s probably the most-worn and best-made item of clothing I own.

Sweden Jumper

He paired the statement sweater with a scarf, white shirt, and jeans all from Abercrombie & Fitch - not surprising, considering anyone who knows me knows that at least half of my wardrobe came from A&F.

The finishing touches to the outfit were a pair of winter socks, my Tag Heuer watch, and my Cole Haan Chelsea Boots.


We drove up the coast and had dinner in a small town called East Tawas, and then finished up with some cheesecake at one of our favorite restaurant’s just outside of Flint, called the Redwood Steakhouse and Brewery, which was a cozy and casual way to spend a Sunday.

Eastern Michigan

I felt comfortable in my outfit all day. I feel like he really captured my normal style essence on Day 1. Nice one, Ethan darling.


What do you think?

Outfit Inspo


Day 2 Ethan played it a little safer, but he did take the time to lay out everything for me to see when I got out of the shower, so I thought he deserved a little mention for that.

Outfit Inspo

He chose his favorite item in my closet to start - a sweatshirt that I got from my first Stitch Fix shipment. You can read all about my first fix here.

Stitch Fix

And yet another pair of A & F jeans - because I only wear their jeans. Haha

Abercrombie Jeans

My very first Fossil watch that I got in college, my blue suede Hush Puppies Chelsea Booties, the Alex and Ani Harry Potter bracelets he got me as a gift for me a few months back, and yet another pair of winter socks - mismatched this time, because I have a habit of wearing mismatched socks, in case you didn’t know - complete the look.


This look is also very me. He knows me pretty well, I daresay.


Which look do you like better? Would you let your spouse pick out your clothes for a week? Let me know below and stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 coming soon!